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Our new blog address is It’s still WordPress based, so you’ve no need to feel anxious about any tremendous cosmetic changes. Head on over to our new site to explore our archive of posts and to read our new ones.

We’ll keep this WordPress site up and running for archive purposes, but all new content will appear on

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‘Ave a cuppa tea, and warm the winter blues away…

Now that Valentine’s Day is here (happy Valentine’s, by the way!) your thoughts might be turning to your loved ones back home, so it’s quite apt that we remind you of what Britain and the British are famous for. Where better to start than with a nice, hot cuppa tea?! London is full of great spots for a quick cuppa char (‘char’ being another word for tea!), and Faraday House is extremely well placed for a lovely spot that brews up nicely. There’s a cosy char haven at the London Review Cake Shop, which is conveniently located at the London Review Bookshop which is in Bury Place, right near the British Museum. Click here to go straight to their site. They do a range of lovely teas, from white through to Earl Grey, and the place is frequented by bookworms who are either absorbed in their own world or catching up on the latest goss over a lovely cuppa and a nice slice of cake…  You can also use the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood: I noticed a lovely little gift shop that recently opened up nearby if you want to get a head-start on your souvenirs, and the fantatstic, free British Museum is but a stone’s throw away.

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You can sign up now for the trip Cadbury World next week

You can now sign up for the all-school field trip to Cadbury World!

Friday 24th February 2012

Please note that this trip departs Faraday House at 0830.   Please also note that you do not need to be a chocoholic to participate in and enjoy this fun day out!  

Just sign up in the Student Life office with your £10 refundable deposit by Wednesday 22nd February!

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A message for you from Gary about swimming, boys and Faraday Pride…

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all very well and enjoying this great city.

I’ve organised a little Faraday Pride excursion to the Riverside Studios to see a stage adaptation of a wonderful acclaimed gay novel called ‘At Swim, Two Boys’.  The info on the show reads:

‘Staged entirely in water and set in Ireland in 1916 the work juxtaposes the developing love affair between two young men with political turmoil in Ireland and the slaughter on the Western Front – contrasting the dream of national liberation and the search for personal freedom. The production is staged in a slowly filling lake in front of a waterfall with episodes from the book woven together through a fusion of extreme physicality, original live music and film.’

It sounds like it could be quite something!

The show is 70 minutes long with no interval and kicks off at 1930 on THURSDAY 16th FEBRUARY (next Thursday) at the RIVERSIDE STUDIOS in HAMMERSMITH. Some of you may know the venue from the Comedy Night over Love London weekend.  For those of you who don’t please cut and paste the link below for details:

Thanks to the wonder that is SU London, I can offer you these tickets at the discounted rate of £5.  Sign Up sheet opens first thing Monday morning.    There are only 5 tickets for students available.  Let us aim to meet in the foyer of the RIVERSIDE STUDIOS at 1900 on Thursday.  I can then give out tickets and you’ve time for a coffee beforehand.

Please allow plenty of time to get to the venue from HAMMERSMITH tube as it can be a little confusing.

My number if you need me is on the email that was sent out last week about this event.

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Need a quiet place to study?

  • The Quiet Study Room (SR206) is back in full working order. The Quiet Study is a comfortable setting to do independent or quiet group work.

    Eight of the new computers have been re-installed and are ready for your use. There is also printing available in the room.


    Please make full use of this resource.



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Be An SU London Scout! (It’s very easy and you can win CASH MONEY!)

For many a happy semester, we here at the London Program ran a competition called ‘the Top Tip Tenner’ competition. The rules were very simple. We asked students to send us their top money-saving tips (to help other students save precious cash), and each week Student Life staff voted on which we thought was the best, and awarded a prize of ten of our lovely British pounds to the winner. The Top Tips that we received ranged from how to go about getting a cheap haircut to how to save money on cinema and theatre tickets. Others were more prosaic: for example – doing your produce shopping as the markets are closing saves tons of dosh (especially on Saturdays!) as the market traders want to get rid of their stuff and so sell it off cheaply. Get the picture?

As the semesters progressed, however, the tips started becoming a little desperate – we’d get some tips telling us that we could save money by walking instead of getting the bus. (Like, seriously??!!) so we decided to call a halt to all that, and rest the competition awhile. But guess what? We were asked to bring it back! Apparently, many students found the suggestions useful.  So we have. Except that now we don’t call it a ‘Top Tip Tenner’ competition. We now call it the ‘London Scout’ competition. We reckon this sums up the spirit of the enterprise more accurately. The principle remains the same.  Send us your money-saving tips, we’ll enter them in the London Scout competition, and each week we will give ten pounds in cash to the person who sends in the best, most original tip.

If you need more guidance/inspiration, check out the bulletin board in the Student Lounge – then send your ideas to me, Charine, at

Happy Scouting!

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Still not found a nice gym? Here’s some really useful information just for you!

Although we keep you on the move as much as possible but we know you also want to keep in trim and meet more British people, so here is a compilation of useful information to help you make an informed choice: different strokes for different folks and all that!

Finding Gyms in London!

If you have membership of the Union of London Union you will be able to join the ULU gym, the Energy Base, without having to pay a gym joining fee. The Energy Base gym has the largest swimming pool in central London and absolutely loads of classes! Student membership for three months is £75: click here

Another great option is Bloomsbury Fitness, which is a gym that is run by University College London Union (as opposed to ULU!). It is in Gordon Street which is in between Gower Street and the Euston Road just a short walk from here. They have great facilities and classes (but no pool, which would help account for the extremely low membership rates!). To find out more, please visit them at their website here. You can also call them on 0207 679 7221. I really like  Bloomsbury Fitness because they are always so friendly whenever I have popped in to get information , PLUS they are open at the weekends, PLUS their three-month student membership is only £70!

Other options in our local area are Gymbox, which is at 100 High Holborn close to Holborn tube station and is a kind of fusion between a warehouse boxing gym and a really-hyped-up, neon-coloured, hi-energy gym. Membership for students is quite a bit more than ULU or UCLU’s gyms, coming in at £53 per month for students, and there is a joining fee of £175 which is occaionally reduced: it is currently down to  £55 (FEB 2012)– but you have to contact them if you want to find out if you can take advantage of that.

Close to the British Museum is the YMCA, which has a comprehensive range of classes, swimming pool, sauna/steam room, personal trainers and so forth. They are open for quite long hours (for London!) and pride themselves on being ‘more than just a gym,’ with a range of lifestyle courses on offer for members. Click here for more information: their three-month student membership is £105 (or £37.50 per month) with a £20 membership fee.

Time Out magazine has produced some very helpful information on the YMCA and other centrally-located gyms – click here to go straight to it!

Finally, another gym you can try out is and Fitness First, which has a few branches around the city. Although not geared at students, with this gym you can ‘try before you buy’ – they often issue vouchers that you can download and print off to use for free gym visits  before you sign on the dotted line! The vouchers are often available through its own site  and through discount sites like – the only drawback is that they ask for your contact details before issuing the free pass(es) so gird your loins for the hard sell!


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