Getting to London’s Airports

Connecting with Heathrow via Heathrow Connect and (licensed!) Cab services

As well as using the Picadilly Line tube service and the somewhat more expensive but more luxurious and rapid Heathrow Express (from Paddington) to get to Heathrow Airport, you can also use the Heathrow Connect. We have found that many students are unaware of this great service, so we are seizing the chance to tell you about it!

The Heathrow Connect service leaves London Paddington at regular intervals and costs less than half of what it pays to travel via Heathrow Express (£8.50 rather than £18). While it takes twice as long (30 mins as opposed to 15), it is still a generally reliable and comparatively quick way of getting to Heathrow.

If you are going to a different London airport, you can click here to go to a great  website which hosts a wealth of travel information including the Heathrow Connect serice. If you can’t open the link there, copy and paste this to your browser


If you decide to get a taxi to the airport we suggest a company called Keen Cars.    They offer a slight reduction on rates to SU students. Their number is 020 8299 4455 and the Syracuse code is BAR001.  Their website is   Given that they provide a stress free door to door service and that you can split the cost with other students, it might be a rather nice way to start your journey so it wouldn’t hurt to phone for a quote!

You’ll find more information on this and transport options to other London airports on the Transport to London Airports section of our website’s Travel Advice page.

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