Fantastic examples of New London-tech

Fall students — while you’re are preparing for your arrival, we wanted to share with you some fantastic new pieces of technology & apps that will greatly help you adapt to life in London.

15 minutes from Faraday House

Areas of London reachable within 15 minutes of Faraday House by public transport.

First is the straight-up cool Mapnificent London, which shows you the area you can reach by public transport in a given amount of time. It’s still in public beta launch, but as you can see in the picture at left — it works.

You can overlay your time-map on top of a Google map as well – so you can search for restuarants or shops that are reachable within a certain amount of time. And if you’re a student contemplating independent housing, you can use this tool to see how long it will take to get to different areas of London from your prospective flats.

Mapnificent is currently available for a few cities worldwide — we count ourselves as lucky that London is one of them!

Check out Mapnificent here.

There are also two great tech developments pertaining to London’s busses. While the Tube is the iconic (and admittedly, convenient) means of public transport in London, the city’s extensive bus network goes more places, is easy to use, and operates (in some lines) for 24 hours a day — and now busses are getting better.

It was recently announced that London’s bus network will soon be able to provide free public wifi at all bus stops. What was once thought to be an impossible pledge meant to make sweeten the 2012 olympics deal is looking like an increasingly close reality. Expect the rollout of wifi hotspots at bus stops soon!

Additionally, Londoners may soon be able to develop smartphone apps harnessing the real-time locations of busses. TfL is in the process of releasing data on bus locations to developers, who will then be able to build apps that accurately tell you when your bus will arrive.

Things are looking up for London tech! Be on the lookout for more posts on the best London apps and more here on London Calling!


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