Minding your £££s in London

Minding your money in LondonYes, London can indeed be expensive. But as with everything in life, so much depends on the choices that you make.

You’ll soon discover that budgeting your spending in London is a must, as £££s can easily evaporate into thin air. Using some common sense, value-saving techniques, and advice on our website, you can stretch your spending money longer without sacrificing your London experience.

Take the example of a morning cup of coffee. The tempting option may be to shell out upwards of £1.50 or more (most likely more) per day for a filter coffee or espresso at Starbucks or a fancy-pants coffee shop. But if you make your own coffee at home every day, it will cost you as little as 30 pence. Don’t feel like making coffee at home? The coffee machine in the student lounge at Faraday House will only set you back 50 pence for an espresso and just 70 pence for a cappucino.

Knowing your options and making these kinds of smart decisions may seem trivial in the short term, but all of those £££s will add up quickly over 3 months! Trust us!

Be on the lookout for many more London-on-the-cheap tips here on London Calling, or click here to read advice on our website.

You’ll surely develop an eye for bargain hunting in London during your time here, and when you do — we want to hear about it! Be on the lookout for emails solciting your best student-to-student bargain advice — if we pick your entry, you get £10!


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Web-guy for the Syracuse University London Program
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