Good day everyone!

Now you are bona fide Londoners, it is time for you to start exploring our brilliant metropolis! You can apply for your Transport for London Student Discount Oyster cards from today, so don’t delay!  A discount of at least 30% awaits you.  (How I wish I qualified!) Some timely reminders:
– Please remember to use the BRITISH format for dates (ie dd/mm/yy)
– Please remember that you can have your Oyster cards sent to you at Faraday House but do also remember that whatever address you use, you should adopt the British format for this too: house number, street, town, FULL POST CODE (Faraday House’s is WC1N 3AE). When your card arrives, we’ll put it in the appropriate student mail box in the student lounge for you.

You can apply immediately by clicking the link and following the instructions here – SU London’s scheme registration number is 0726.

Start planning your journeys! That way you can venture out secure in the knowledge that you’ll be able to navigate around safely, regardless of what zone you are in. You can use regular street maps, of course, and the Transport for London site has an excellent journey planner. You can access it online or you can even send a text message – details of how to do that are here. Inicidentally, you might like to know that although most London buses are of the modern type, we have managed to retain a couple of the old routemasters (see pic) and they go right through the heart of central London. The two routes are heritage route 9 from Kensington High Street to Aldwych, and heritage route 15 from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill – and you can use your Oyster cards on them! Happy Traveling!

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