Do you have to pay the Council Tax?

If you came to the independent Housing Orientation yesterday, you’d have heard me advise you all to apply for council tax exemption as soon as you know your London address, and certainly before mid-semester. The council tax is payable on all households to cover services that our local councils provide: street cleaning, police, fire, libraries etc. These are all services that make life easier and more orderly, and it may surprise you to know that with this being the case, I am a pro-tax person (yay for Warren Buffett!!!). I’ve lived in countries where there is little or no social infrastructure and it always results in poor people suffering more…I mean, have you seen the mess Greece has got itself into because Greeks have not being paying taxes (allegedly..!). Having said that, I am also in favour of students having more money in their pockets, so I am not being contradictory at all in advising you to hot-foot it to the Student Life office (SR109) to fill in a simple form that will enable you to apply for Student Discount Council Tax exemption. I’ll do you a letter for your Landlord/lady within a week so please come in at the first available opportunity as it is clearly better  for you to avoid receiving a bill than to try to get out of paying one.  Please remember that exemption is at the discretion of the local council and some councils are more obliging than others, and if you get a bill you’ll have to pay it, but it is still worth applying and we are happy to do what we can to help you apply for exemption.

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