Staying Safe in London Town…

Whilst we fully appreciate the fact that many of you will be eager to get out and about exploring London’s lively and exuberant nightlife, we have to urgently remind you of the need for extreme caution. We want you to enjoy your time here, but please be safe and do not let down your guard completely. London is a crowded, busy city and we have more than our fair share of ciminally-minded people out there waiting to prey on anyone who looks even the slightest bit vulnerable: whether this means pick- pocketing, bag snatching, operating unlicensed cabs or slipping GHB into your drinks. We have it on good authority that you need to be on the lookout against the latter activity. As you adjust to life in London, you should be as sober as possible as you go out especially at night, and you MUST guard your drinks at all time – it’s hard enough monitoring your own sobriety when you know what is in your drink and EXTREMELY dangerous when you don’t know what is being put in it.


Remember what we told you at orientation and plan your journey home before you set off for the night. Avoid going out alone.


Also, please be very careful at ATMs. We have had instances in the past of students being distracted at cashpoints, by ‘passers-by’ who try to call their attention to ‘dropped’ money on the pavement. Do not be taken in. Don’t talk to ANYONE you don’t know at or near an ATM, and don’t allow yourself to be distracted – even for a moment – at or near an ATM.


Finally, the emergency (police/fire/ambulance) number in the UK is 999, but if you forget and dial 911, you’ll be connected – that’s how much we like you! Hopefully you will be safe and sound throughout your time here, but do remember that you can come and see us if you need to!


Take good care and I’ll see most of you on Sunday for the tour of London to Greenwich!




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