Remember to bring your ISTANBUL form in!

The Istanbul  field trip is filling up fast, so remember to bring your form in as soon as you can if you aim to join us for this awesome trip! This is the most popular trip I have ever organised and with good reason:  it’s an unforgettable chance to visit this amazing city that straddles two continents and that has been the epicentre of  world-changing empires: Roman and Ottoman. You’ll be with people who know the city well and love it even more and with a wealth of experience to  hand we’ll have an itinerary that takes care of all the needs of the intrepid modern traveler! Round trip flights with British Airways? Check! Hotel right in the historic heart of Istanbul, three minutes from the Grand Bazaar? Check! Paid, guided entrance into all the major world-famous sites including the Topkapi Palace, Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque? Check! A boat trip to explore the Asian quarter? Check! Not to mention the opportunities to enjoy the sights and sounds of the whirling dervishes in a genuine nargilleh (water pipe) cafe, the luxury of a Turkish hamam (steam bath) and the memorable experiences of haggling for bargains in the bazaars! Your memories will last for ever and this is one experience you don’t want to miss!

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