Spotted a London bargain? Tell us about it and win yourself ten pounds!

During your orientation period, we passed on several of our money-saving tips that we also have posted on the ‘Be Poundwise’ section of our website (here). You may have noticed by now that we reallt do want you to get the best value you can during your time in London: this is a great part of the motivation behind our organisation of the one-day field trips and ‘Love London Weekend’ activities.

Next time you are down in the Student Lounge, take a quick look at our ‘London Scout’ display. It is full of handy tips to help you save some money during your time in London. If you come across a money-saving tip why not email it into me – you just might be able to help your fellow students save some money and win yourself a crisp, new (okay, maybe not so new!) tenner! Each week we vote on the best money-saving tip we receive from students and the winner becomes our London Scout for the week and wins ten pounds – definitely worth a tweet or two! Your tip could be about any random subject – cheap haircuts, special offers on rail travel, the best place to buy vintage clothing at bargain-basement prices – anything you think has helped you and that is worth passing on.

So what are you waiting for? Get scouting! My email inbox awaits!

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