Safety Reminder: Oktoberfest

Munich OktoberfestDear Students,

We hope this message finds you enjoying your first few weeks abroad!  Many of you no doubt are making plans to travel during your semester abroad, which may include a trip to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.   This annual festival attracts over 6 million visitors from around the world and is a popular destination for SU Abroad students.   We hope you will consider the following travel-safety tips wherever you travel, but especially if attending this highly-populated festival.

  1. Alcohol consumption increases risk – Intoxication can lead to increased risk of being the victim of a crime and/or having a medical emergency.  Remember to drink responsibly and know your own limits.
  2. Watch out for your friends – Use the buddy-system and stay close together.  Be sure to make a plan of where to meet in case you get separated.  Have your cell phone charged and have your friends’ numbers on hand.  Plan how you and your friends will get home after 11 p.m.
  3. Be cautious of friendly strangers – While travelling abroad is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from around the world, be cautious of the company you keep.  Don’t give your cell phone number or hotel information to someone you’ve just met.  Remember that there are many stereotypes of American men and women; be aware of your verbal and non-verbal communication with strangers.
  4. Use common sense – Remember to exercise the same safety precautions that you would at home.  Don’t assume that you are safe since you are in a city where no one knows you.  Don’t travel with expensive or irreplaceable belongings.  Be aware of pick-pockets; keep your money, credit cards, and passport in a safe place.  Your passport is better kept locked in your luggage or hotel room safe than on your person.
  5. Bring SU Abroad emergency numbers – Be sure to have the SU London emergency phone number (07957473159) available as well as the SU Abroad main office number, 001-315-443-3471.
  6. Travel Advisories – The U.S. Department of State and ISOS are helpful places to review advisories prior to travel.

Ever year at least one student from an SU Abroad program has had a serious incident at Oktoberfest.  Follow these safety tips in order to be safe and have an enjoyable time.

Don’t forget if you’re planning any travel outside of London, you must fill in SU London’s online student travel form. Letting SU London staff know of your travel plans greatly aids our ability to offer help should a situation arise. Completing a travel form simply gives you an extra layer of comfort and security while you’re off exploring the world.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe semester!


About Peter Bjork

Web-guy for the Syracuse University London Program
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