A FREE opportunity for SUL students:

If you are ever here at the weekend, you may see some of the classes in IT, English etc.  that a locally-based trades union, ‘Unite,’  does with low-paid and migrant workers holds here  at Faraday House. We’ve been hosting Unite’s classes for a few. We really like them and are very supportive of the work they do.  ‘Unite’  were originally known as the Transport and General Workers union, and were born out of the chaos following the First World War. They have a phenomenal history of leading workers’ struggles dating back to the Tolpuddle Martyrs fight and the General Strike of 1926. More recently, they were actively involved in the Miners’ Strike of 1984 and are currently  opposing the worst excesses of the proposed austerity measuresBritainnow faces.

Here at Faraday House, we are proud to be able to play a part in helping them extend educational facilities to  the low-paid workers  who keepLondonticking over, and domestic workers who often work in appalling conditions – many of them women immigrants who have had to leave their children as they search for a better life. . Such people are often rendered invisible in our society. ‘Unite’ works to make them visible by improving their lives and opposing laws that make them fearful and therefore easy to exploit.

These laws are part of a system facilitated by globalised capitalism that leads to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Many of you, as SU London students, take part in classes here at Faraday House that explore and explain these processes in much more acadmic and expert ways than I ever could. I am delighted, therefore, to be able to invite you take part in an upcoming seminar on‘The Trade Union Movement and Globalisation of Industry.’

The seminar takes place at the Unite Conference Centre, a beachfront hotel complex in the English resort ofEastbourne. It will be held over the weekend of October 14-16th. Courtesy of ‘Unite’ theUnion. Ten lucky applicants will be treated to:


And of course, a chance to meet and work with inspiring figures in British (and International) Trades Union movement.  I know that some Students – such as those in Professor Bolton’s class – were told of the seminar in class yesterday and can earn extra class credit for attending. If you want to participate in this unique opportunity, please come in and sign up with me in the Student Life office. Places on the seminar will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

This seminar has run to great acclaim from students for some years and has led to many great bonds of friendship and professional solidarity – we’d welcome your participation in this process and are grateful to ‘Unite for providing our students with this wonderful opportunity.


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