Come to the VEGAN POTLUCK event next week!

Our dear friend, Josh Leuner, has sent in this invitation to students and staff at Faraday House – it’s about an event to be held here next Wednesday evening (so you won’t have far to go!)


London Vegan Potluck – coming to Faraday House next week!

We are delighted to be hosting our 6th London Vegan Potluck at Faraday House on Wednesday 5th October from 6-8pm.
The potluck has been running since May of this year and keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It is a great place for vegans, vegetarians and those curious about vegan cuisine to meet a cross-section of the London vegan community and try a selection of delicious, lovingly-created vegan food.
If you want to attend, it’s a simple matter of bringing a plate of vegan food to share.  The food gets laid out and everyone gets to sample everyone else’s offerings.  It is important to write out a list of ingredients so that those with allergies or intolerances can check what your dish contains.
If you’re stuck for ideas Google is a great place to start looking for vegan recipes or The Post Punk Kitchen website has some great ideas for the more adventurous.  Check out the link below for more information on what to bring.
The event is organised via the FatGayVegan blog and it would be great if you could RSVP on his page so that we know how many to expect on the night:
Hope to see you there!!
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