Remember to sign up for the new school trips when you get back!

Hello everyone

The first half of the semester has gone by so quickly! Seems like just yesterday you were just venturing into Faraday House for the first time, now you are going to be gone for a whole week – it will be so quiet around here without you!

There will also be activities for you to sign up for, including the ‘Jack the Ripper’ tour. this Jill Curran walking tour takes place on the evening of 2nd November with the movie consultant who worked with Johnny Depp on ‘From Hell,’ Don Rumbelow. (He is also an ex-City of London Policeman and has written a book about Jack the Ripper!).

You’ll also be able to sign up for our field trip to Blenheim Palace and Oxford, so you not only get to see where Winston Churchill was born but also where Harry Potter and the Golden Compass were filmed – and of course you can experience being in the home of the oldest English-speaking University in the world! 

If you want to go on the school trips,  just pop into the Student Life office and we’ll save you a spot (normal refundable deposit procedure applies) and you can tell us all about your adventures over the mid-semester.

See you soon!


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