Today we made a DELICIOUS FISH PIE…

The beauty of this dish is it’s simplicity and adaptability –you can use any combination of fish that is good, plentiful and cheap in the supermarket.

Suggested fish is Cod, Haddock, Hake, Coley, Tilapia fillets, but avoid very oily fish such as Herring, Mackerel or Sardines.

The magic ingredient is Smoked Fish which should be at least a third of the mix.

FOR 6-8 people

500g Mixed white fish

300g Smoked fish (Cod or Haddock)

200g Salmon fillet

(ensure the fish is skinless and has all bones removed)

500ml full fat milk

4 eggs – hard boiled

6 cherry tomatoes, finely diced

Handful of finely chopped parsley

100g butter

Tablespoon flour

Tablespoon Capers – optional

Few mushrooms, finely chopped – optional

Cupful of Shrimp – optional

1Kg potatoes for mashing – (the pie topping)

Grated cheese




Poach the fish – bring the milk to a gentle boil in a large pan and put all the white and smoked fish in to gently simmer for about 8 mins.

Lift the fish onto the serving dish, reserving the milk cooking liquor.

Lightly flake the fish mix and double check for any bones.


While you do this, hard boil the eggs for about 8mins, cool under running water, peel, slice or quarter and the put onto the fish mix.


Make the sauce – In a smallish pan, gently melt the butter then add the flour and cook over moderate heat – (this is called a “ROUX” and is the base for a white sauce).

Slowly add the milk poaching liquor, spoonful at a time – stirring constantly until you have a smooth sauce, then bring to the boil and simmer for a further 5mins until it thickens slightly.


At this stage you can add the optional Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Capers, Shrimp – stir in for a couple of minutes – then add the Parsley.

Pour the sauce mix over the fish and eggs – this part is done.


Meanwhile you should have prepared your mashed potatoes – we will talk this through in class!


Top the pie with the mashed potatoes – grate some cheese over if liked, then bake in a hot oven – 200C 0r Gas 6 until you get a good golden crust – should take about 30mins.


Serve with lots of side salads – especially crunchy ones!

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