Last minute turkey info!

Celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow but don’t know where to start? Procuring a turkey might be a good first step — and Student Life Office’s Linda has some advice on the matter:

Dear Students

Need to find a turkey for tomorrow?   – well here are some suggestions.  You’ll be able to find (an expensive) one in the Wholefoods in Kensington.

In Marks and Spencer at the Marble Arch store they’re selling frozen prepared turkey breast crown, ready to go into the oven (full cooking instructions on the pack).  You’ll need to defrost overnight so if that’s what you want, do it today!  In their chilled section they have oven ready turkey breast,  again with full cooking instructions.

Generally here in the UK we only have turkey at Christmas so only certain up market stores will cater for the Thanksgiving Market.  Other places you might try are John Lewis Food hall, Selfridges Food Hall, Harrods Food Hall and Fortnum and Mason …. though now you’re heading into the realms of the super rich!

If any of you have come up with other, better options, please feel free to share them with me and I’ll pass them on!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance (not so happy for the turkey  🙂 )


PS Although there are no classes tomorrow, Faraday House will be open and we’ll have sweet treats (pies etc.) on offer from noon onwards, so feel free to pop in and say hello!


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