Important End-of-Semester Information!

Linda in the Student Life Office sends out some final reminders as your Fall 2011 London semester draws to a close!

I know it’s not quite that time yet and I hate to remind you that time is running out but here are some useful reminders for things you’ll need to tie up before you leave.

You’ve been a fabulous group, we’ve really enjoyed having you over here this semester  (I for one wish you were staying another semester!) and we really will be so sorry to see you go.   Thank you for all the chat, the cheek, the fun, not to mention your valuable feedback on our program, our activities, our field trips and our facilities.  We’re not quite through with you yet, though.  Before you go, we expect you to join us at the grand end of semester party on the evening of Thursday, 8th December.  Be there or be square, have a light lunch to make way for all the glorious food on offer and get practicing your karaoke.  There’ll be a cash prizes for the best performance of the night!

Alas Charine is still in hospital so it’s highly unlikely she’ll be able to see you to say goodbye.  If you want to send any cards or messages, drop them into the Student Life Office and we’ll make sure they reach her.  Of if you’d like to send your own personal message, you can email her on  I know she’ll be happy to hear from you and will be most upset to miss you.  If you’d like to visit her in hospital, just come see one of us and we’ll give you details of her whereabouts.

Read on for information about:

Moving out

Don’t forget to pay all your bills (electricity, gas, phone) before you go.  It saves us having to chase you down in the States and prevents Syracuse University from acquiring a bad name.  It also might be a good idea to give your flat a good cleaning before your landlord comes around to inspect it, as the cost of any cleaning comes out of your security deposit.

Pre-arranged housing students are strongly advised to refer to the document they will receive from Anglo-American on this subject but just so you know – you will have to be out of the building by 10 a.m on Thursday 15th December.  If that leaves you feeling a little bit ‘ghetto,’ feel free to drop by and hang out – so to speak! – with us at Faraday House.

Pre-arranged housing students are also reminded that SU London does not provide transport to Heathrow Airport for your departure! See the next section for information non travelling to Heathrow.

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Getting to the Airport:

Connecting with Heathrow via Heathrow Connect and (licensed!) Cab services

We’ve written about this topic before on the SU London blog a few times, but for good measure here’s the information about Heathrow Connect & sharing taxis via The Keen Group:

The Heathrow Connect service leaves London Paddington at regular intervals and costs less than half of what it pays to travel via Heathrow Express (£8.50 rather than £18) but it takes twice as long (30 mins as opposed to 15). Click here to go to a great website which hosts a wealth of travel information including the Heathrow Connect service. If you can’t open the link there, copy and paste this to your browser:

If you decide to get a taxi to the airport we suggest a company called The Keen Group. They offer a slight reduction on rates to SU students. Their number is 020 8299 4455 and the Syracuse code is BAR001. Their website is You’ll also find their details in the Student Handbook. Given that they provide a stress free door to door service and that you can split the cost with other students, it might be a rather nice way to start your journey so it wouldn’t hurt to phone for a quote!

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Luggage Storage at Faraday House

Faraday House will be available for you to keep your luggage in if you are traveling after exams.  If you want to leave your stuff YOU MUST SEE RUSTEM, our Chief Security Officer, or one of his team at Faraday House to sign it in and sign it out when you collect it.  You all know who Rustem is as you pass by him pretty much every day! You can come and collect your bags during the hours the Center will be open. (Clearly there is not much point pitching up here when it is closed!!). Faraday House will be closed from 20 December through 3 January. Office hours after 15th December are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday through Friday.


Also:  Please remember to donate items for next semester’s rummage room: if you want to pass on items for particular people, you will need to CLEARLY label and package it so we know that it mustn’t be added to general rummage stuff!

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Forwarding Exam Papers

Papers will not be sent to you unless you have handed in a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to your professor.  Don’t forget to weigh and measure your paper first so you know exactly how much it will cost. Non- SU Students Please Note: Transcript requests must be submitted online once you have received your grades.

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Having your mail forwarded to you

Make sure you tell anyone that may write to you that your address will change after the end of the semester!  In order for us to know where to forward your mail, please email our Office Coordinator, Alfonso, at or fill in the slip attached to the email you received on Monday morning and give it to Alfonso in SR203. YOUR MAIL WILL BE RETURNED TO SENDER UNLESS YOU TELL US OTHERWISE.


If you are traveling at the end of the semester and want your mail to be held in the office, it is important that you let Alfonso know, otherwise it will be returned to sender!!! You can also use the slip attached to this email to let us know how long you’d like your mail held.  Alternatively you can email Alfonso with the details of how long you’d like her to hold your mail.


The Royal Mail is also able to forward/deliver mail. Please check their website ( for information if you would like to use this service.

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Get your money back!

We know that thoughts of leaving us make you sad, so our security staff would like to help you put those smiles back on your faces!  From Monday 12th December you can get the deposits back that you put down for your ID passes at the start of term. Five whole British pounds will be returned to you when you hand your ID back to our security staff, so make sure you get yours!

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VAT Refunds: More Money Back!

 Some of you may know that you may be entitled to claim tax back on some items you have bought. I don’t know very much about this scheme as it only applies to foreigners (gah!) but you can look into claiming VAT back at airports as you leave providing you have kept your receipts. More information can be obtained here .

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Return borrowed DVDs & Books to Student Life!

If you have BORROWED any books or DVDs from us, either from our small collection in the Student Life office or from Senate House, or a local library, please remember to return them.

Remember – you did sign for whatever you borrowed so we will be able to track you down (but we would rather not have to!!)

If you have travel guides or DVDs that you don’t want to take home and prefer to DONATE them to us, that’d great too!  Just drop them off in the Student Life office.

We have a book exchange in the Student Lounge at Faraday House.  Bring in any books you may have finished reading and swap it for a different one for the plane ride home.  Also, feel free to leave any books you may not want to take home with you at the end of the semester.

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The Writing Centre: Extended Hours for End-Of-Term Help!

The SU London Writing Centre in SR201 has announced extended hours. This means more opportunities to get support on your final papers! The Writing Centre can help with:

  • brainstorming
  • research development
  • structuring arguments
  • citations
  • strategies for proof reading

 The Centre’s regular hours remain: Monday to Thursday, 1pm – 6pm

 Extended hours include:

  • Saturday, 3 December: 1pm – 6pm
  • Friday, 9 December: 1pm – 6pm
  • Saturday, 10 December: 11am – 4pm

Sign up for a consultation on the door outside SR 201 or email the team at .

Click here to learn more about the Writing Centre’s services & to meet your writing centre consultants.

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