A note on finding independent housing in London

Independent housing in London -- it will all be ok!So you’re planning on finding independent housing for the Spring 2012 London semester. What’s the first step?

Deep, calming breaths…

The SU London staff have been helping students find independent housing for many, many years now, and we can confidently say that no one is ever homeless after the first week! Those seeking independent housing will be put up in a hotel close to Faraday House for your first 6 nights, so don’t worry — you’ll have a place to stay while you look.

The “Living in London Housing Orientation” will begin the day after you arrive at Faraday House, and it’s there that the SU London staff and our amazing student guides will outline the process involved in finding a flat, negotiating contracts, and dealing with estate agents. You’ll be briefed on the areas of London preferred by former students and things to look out for when viewing a property.

Throughout your orientation week, our bright-orange-clad student guides will check in with you and liase with other students who might also be looking for group housing. There’ll also be a week-long housing desk in Faraday House where you can drop in at any time to ask questions and get advice.

We know it’s easy to write, but we mean it when we say that the best advice is to not stress! Students always find housing, often more easily than anticipated.

We have loads more info on the housing process over on our website, including contact information for a few of the landlords whose properties you’ll be searching through in just a few short weeks!


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