A message for you from Gary about swimming, boys and Faraday Pride…

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all very well and enjoying this great city.

I’ve organised a little Faraday Pride excursion to the Riverside Studios to see a stage adaptation of a wonderful acclaimed gay novel called ‘At Swim, Two Boys’.  The info on the show reads:

‘Staged entirely in water and set in Ireland in 1916 the work juxtaposes the developing love affair between two young men with political turmoil in Ireland and the slaughter on the Western Front – contrasting the dream of national liberation and the search for personal freedom. The production is staged in a slowly filling lake in front of a waterfall with episodes from the book woven together through a fusion of extreme physicality, original live music and film.’

It sounds like it could be quite something!

The show is 70 minutes long with no interval and kicks off at 1930 on THURSDAY 16th FEBRUARY (next Thursday) at the RIVERSIDE STUDIOS in HAMMERSMITH. Some of you may know the venue from the Comedy Night over Love London weekend.  For those of you who don’t please cut and paste the link below for details:


Thanks to the wonder that is SU London, I can offer you these tickets at the discounted rate of £5.  Sign Up sheet opens first thing Monday morning.    There are only 5 tickets for students available.  Let us aim to meet in the foyer of the RIVERSIDE STUDIOS at 1900 on Thursday.  I can then give out tickets and you’ve time for a coffee beforehand.

Please allow plenty of time to get to the venue from HAMMERSMITH tube as it can be a little confusing.

My number if you need me is on the email that was sent out last week about this event.

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