‘Ave a cuppa tea, and warm the winter blues away…

Now that Valentine’s Day is here (happy Valentine’s, by the way!) your thoughts might be turning to your loved ones back home, so it’s quite apt that we remind you of what Britain and the British are famous for. Where better to start than with a nice, hot cuppa tea?! London is full of great spots for a quick cuppa char (‘char’ being another word for tea!), and Faraday House is extremely well placed for a lovely spot that brews up nicely. There’s a cosy char haven at the London Review Cake Shop, which is conveniently located at the London Review Bookshop which is in Bury Place, right near the British Museum. Click here to go straight to their site. They do a range of lovely teas, from white through to Earl Grey, and the place is frequented by bookworms who are either absorbed in their own world or catching up on the latest goss over a lovely cuppa and a nice slice of cake…  You can also use the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood: I noticed a lovely little gift shop that recently opened up nearby if you want to get a head-start on your souvenirs, and the fantatstic, free British Museum is but a stone’s throw away.

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