Apply NOW for FREE membership of the University of London Students’ Union and Make the Most of London!

Being an SU London student gives you the right to FREE membership of the University of London Union [ULU].

You may already have been to see Michele and Rachel in SR103 to get your authorisation letter entitling you to free ULU membership, but if you have not done so, you really should do so now – you only have until FRIDAY 9th MARCH to get one as SU London only covers ULU memberships up until the break week, and believe me, time whizzes by once you embark on life as an SU Londoner!

ULU membership normally costs £20, but with SU London covering the membership cost you save £20.  Once a member of ULU you can, at your own expense if a fee applies, join a ULU club or society (Faith & Culture, Performing Arts, Sports including watersports, Lacrosse, Karate and many more!). Again at your own expense you may choose join ULU’s gym (very competitive monthly rates) the Energy Base, you can enjoy their 3 bars with excellent prices on food and drink. Plus, you can get reduced student rates to some of the best gigs in London … they’ve had Razorlight, The Strokes, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs and many more play there in recent years.

I’m guessing that a lot of you met the ULU reps during Orientation Week – they had a stall in the Student Lounge along with Faraday Football, HOST, Preseli Venture etc.  We know that a lot of you know where ULU is based (in Malet Street, just five minutes from Faraday House)  because you spent many a happy hour there last week watching the Superbowl game! If you didn’t join in the fun of Superbowl night and you haven’t joined the ENERGY BASE gym at ULU, then what are you waiting for?

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As promised – the Olympics 2012 tour is now open for sign-ups!

An SU London Sunday Special – Let’s delve into 2012!

Sunday 19th February 2012 – departing Faraday House at 0945

London last hosted the Olympic games in 1948!  So we can truly say that our Olympics 2012 tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for SU London students to explore the area where the 2012 Olympics will be held.

Find out why this part of East London was chosen for the games. See what impact the games will have on the local area.  Explore the local Lea Valley nature reserve (and see where the local film studios are!)

This is a fun Sunday afternoon out so make sure you reserve your space by signing up now (with your £10 deposit!) in the Student Life office!

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Life after Loving London!!

We know your heads are in a whirl following  all the myriad activities you took part in over our Love London weekend (despite snow, ice and even the occaional fire that London was beset by!). No doubt you might need an update on the all-school field trips and walks you can currently sign up for in the Student Life Office, so here goes!  Interested in any of these? Then make sure you come in and see us soon! Continue reading

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Calling all creative SU Londoners: share your work at NEW IN TOWN

Photo by Zen Sutherland via Flickr

Are you a budding writer? A would-be raconteur? A journalist, diarist — an artist of any and all persuasions?

Then come to NEW IN TOWN: a new monthly night of creative frolicking for SU London students and established local authors and artists! You’ll have the floor to share your writing — polished or works-in-progress — with a few slots set aside for non-writers to flex their creative muscles. Continue reading

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Taking a trip abroad? Fill out the travel form!

Click here to fill out the travel form!

Click above to fill out the travel form!

An amazing advantage of living in a transportation hub like London is the easy travel available to points in Europe and beyond – and we want you to go and see the sights! However, when you head out to see the world, we want to be sure that you are as safe and secure as possible.

SU London requires that you let staff know any time you travel outside of London, and we’ve set up an easy, breezy online travel form for this purpose. This form is not meant to dissuade you from exploring, but exists just in case an adverse situation develops at your destination. Continue reading

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SEE THE WORLD: Attend the Travel Seminar on Tuesday!

Attend the Travel Seminar on the evening of Tuesday, 24th of January in the Faraday House Auditorium

Attend the Travel Seminar on the evening of Tuesday, 24th of January in the Faraday House Auditorium

Mark your calendars for the TRAVEL SEMINAR at 6:00pm on Tuesday, 24th January in the Faraday House Auditorium.

The Travel Seminar is an orientation session on all of the SU London travel offered over the semester – and we have loads of fantastic trips on offer for Spring 2012! Please do make an effort to attend as you will learn loads about what we have planned and some field trip sign-ups begin on this night. Continue reading

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Minding your £££s in London

Minding your money in LondonYes, London can indeed be expensive. But as with everything in life, so much depends on the choices that you make.

As you’ve probably already discovered, budgeting your spending in London is a must, as £££s can easily evaporate into thin air. Using some common sense, value-saving techniques & the wealth of resources available to you, you can stretch your spending money longer without sacrificing your London experience. Continue reading

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